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Welcome to our General Tire page,

True to their tagline "Anywhere is possible" General Tire will ensure wherever your imagination wants to go your vehicle ,no matter the terrain,  is able to take you there! General Tire covers Car, Van and their excellent 4x4 All Terrain and 4x4 Mud Terrain products.

When you buy General car tyres you know you are buying quality. They are  produced by premium manaufacturer Continental and the tyres come with a range of user friendly benefits that will ensure you get the most mileage from your tyres as well as helpful guides to tell you when to change your tyres keeping you safe and legal. Don't forget when you buy General tyres from us you get our exclusive accidental warranty!

  • RTM (Replacement Tyre Monitor ) provides you wiht a warning when your tyre is worn and has to be replaced. The inscription "Replacement Tyre Monitor" shows three times on the circumferential rib of the new tyre. Just before the tread reaches the minimum tread depth indicated by the tread wear indicator bars, the inscription will change to "Replace Tire".


  • AMST ( Acoustic Modulation Sound Technology)  provides tread blocks that are positioned in a way that assists in the reduction of interfering frequencies which gives a quiet and comfortable ride.


  • VAI ( Visual Alignment Indicator) allows you to check wheel misalignment to avoid irregular wear of the tyres. The VAI is repsresented three times in the circumference of the tyre by two additional sipes on opposite shoulder blocks of the tyre. If the sipes of the VAI wear off differently (one side more than the other for example), it means that there is potential misalignment of the wheels. 


Latest General Tire News

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